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1. The Navigational Bar (Nav Bar): This is the line of Headings, shown below, which are your primary indicators of what your website has to offer. For example, About Us which is about your school or business. Careful planning of the Nav Bar is important as a website should not have more than 6 or 7 headings. It will become too crammed on the line. The Headings should also be “single” words, if possible.

2. Drop-Down Pages: Under each Heading on the Nav Bar you can have Drop-Down pages which are topics assocoated to the Heading i.e. About Us. Here you can add the History of the School, Principals Message, Governing Body etc. Each of the Drop-Downs represent a page of your website.

3. The Header Image: This is the picture above that will be visible on each page of your website. You can design your own Header Image or badge for your own website.

• Width: The width is 980 pixels across (left to right), which is fixed. YOU CANNOT INCREASE THIS WIDTH. You may decrease it, if necessary.

• Depth: The depth (top to bottom) can vary to suit your needs, however, we recommend that you do not go smaller than 100 pixels or larger than 250 pixels. You do not want your Header Image to take up half your page. NOTE: Everything goes up or down depending on the depth of your header i.e. the Nav Bar

4. Events Calendar: On the right of your Homepage you will see the calendar. Here you can add in important dates, with a description, so that parents/clients can see what is happening on any given day. In the samples below the image on the left shows that the 27th is highlighted. If you click on the highlighted block the message appears as shown in block 2.

5. Contact: This is a quick reference on the Homepage for visitors to find your Contact Details. These Contact Details are inserted by Web4Schools. You do not have access to change this. To make adjustments, email the details to us and we will insert them for you. NOTE: You cannot change these details on your Template. Web4Schools technical team does it for you.

6. Download and Links: Here we will insert your Facebook link, Twitter Link or any other link that you wish to have so that visitors can click on it to move directly to your “other” web page. You must send us the Hyperlink and we will insert it for you.

Quick Links: This is an internally set hyperlink from the Homepage. Each page in your website has this option, but you only use it for important messages. These links are exactly the same as the page found in the Drop-Down menu, the only difference is that you are creating awareness of it. You should not have too many pages in this box as it will detract from your menu.

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