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Welcome Educators and Business owners. At this stage you will have your Website (Frontend) and your Template (Backend) which you will use to upload your information.In this template you will find out how to load images (pictures) and content (text), how to operate the Calendar and how to set your colours and Navigation Bar.
But first, you need to know about Web Terminology and where to find it on your template.

The Navigational Bar: This is the line of Headings, shown above, which are your primary indicators of what to find in a group or subject class. For example, About Us which is about your school or business. Under each Heading you can have Drop-Down menus which are made up of sub-headings relating to the About Us. Here you can add the History of the School, Principals Message, Governing Body etc. Each of the Drop-Downs represent a page of your website.

The Header Image: This is the picture above that will be visible on each page of your website. You can set your own picture or badge for your own website.

Events Calendar: On the right you will see the calendar. Here you can add in important dates, with a description, so that parents/clients can see what is happening on any given day.

Contact: This is a quick reference on the Homepage for visitors to see exactly how to reach or contact you, quickly.

Download and Links: Here we will insert your Facebook link, Twitter Link or any other link that you wish to have so that visitors can click on it to move directly to your “other” web page. You must send us the Hyperlink and we will insert it for you.

Quick Links: This is an internally set link that you can set when loading a page to show visitors that they need to see it and visit that page. These links are exactly the same as the page found in the Drop-Down menu, the only difference is that you are creating awareness of it. You should not have too many pages in this box as it will detract from your menu.

You are now ready to view and learn how to load your template.

Enjoy browsing…and learning how to manage your own website.

The Web4Schools Team


For this template to operate you must have at least Internet Explorer 8 or the latest version of Firefox.

These are FREE downloads and will not compromise any files or programs on your computer. In fact, they will improve your computers performance…

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