Pressure on Scholars to Perform

Scholars these days are so driven to get a stamp of approval from the whole audience of the universe that we think we mount to nothing if we are not credited by them. I have realized that some people, especially school students (pressurized to perform well technologically with computers) take it upon themselves to make somebody like them; it’s almost as if it is a life or death situation. It is actually sad that one only appreciates themselves after somebody else’ nod.
The world we live in right now is not the nicest, people are filled with jealousy and envy that there’s only a few remaining souls that are pure and will give you credit when it is due. The technological advances of the past few decades which include the use of the internet and computers and school has not helped. If you don’t get the thumbs up you are constantly determined to get, what then? You will probably just dig up a big underground hole and stay in it right? Please don’t do that.
Our generation is filled with deceit; you could get cast down by your fellow mates just because you are trying to become a mogul for yourself. It is not a pleasant feeling to be hated because you want to be better so you need to love yourself, favour yourself and be content that each and every day; you are striving and living toward being a bigger and better you.
When the sunshine is shining so bright on your side, not everybody will be happy about your splendor. It might even be the last thing someone might wish for you so instead of being so caught up in wanting to fit in with the crowd, stand out. The best thing you can ever do for your heart is to accept that not everybody may not have the soft and generous heart that you have, some have very dark and twisted ones and it is no use trying to be Mother Theresa to everyone, some people won’t like your friendly gestures.
It is always good to stay in your lane and focus on being better than the day before and being greater than the next. It can’t always be easy being thrown with stones when you give out fresh strawberries but you can at least build a house from the stones you are being thrown with right?
The most important weapon one can acquire is the knowledge of their inner being. So what if your school doesn’t provide the right software or provide you with a computer to access the web and internet. If you If you are confident with yourself and with your traits, no Tom or Henry can come and tell you otherwise. We are living with vultures, preys that find joy in breaking spirits, so what can they break in you once you have realized you are unbreakable? Nothing.
Nobody runs your life, you do. You call the shots. You are the CEO, not the MD or the secretary, you are the boss. The boss doesn’t hesitate or stutters when making a decision, he makes things happen. He doesn’t wait for anybody’s two cents of advice, he shoots to score.
Be the boss of your own life. Don’t let anybody tell you, you are not good enough. If you were not worthy, you would not be where you are today and where you are today is definitely a step ahead from yesterday right? Correct. Stop waiting for somebody else to come give you a pat on the back, they may never come. Praise yourself only because the fact that you woke up today and are enduring another day is worth being applauded.
Embrace your inner victory; you are still in line to making a better life out of yourself unlike the rest of the runner ups that have already given up. What others do to you and against you should not be your problem, just keep on keeping on.
Your shine is enough and should not be sidelined by anybody’s rain, SHINE!

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