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Education and access to Schooling is a Luxury in Africa

To this day, we still have people who don’t have money to feed their loved ones. They don’t have clothes on their backs and enough food to put on the table. They don’t have money to go to school. Education is the only breakthrough they have and yet even that is a challenge for them to achieve. Tanzania, famous for its luxurious Zanzibar hotels is no exception to this sad state of affairs.
It is sad that there are people who are not satisfied with the little that they get. They went to a good school, work a good job and live in a good house. Yet, no matter how much they have, they are still not happy with the leisure’s of life they get. There are people who would be so happy with the life that you live and yet you feel it is not good enough.
Life is not all roses and pearls. Although some days are better than others, being grateful is the highest point of humility. When you have the ability to choose the clothes you wear, the car you drive and the house you want to live in, you are living a life that is far better than the rest. There are people who would wish to live a life of being able to choose what they want but they are not granted such pleasures. At Web4schools we believe that the future of education in Africa lies in the utilization of more high tech methods, including online web based learning opportunities.

However, the sun doesn’t shine on everybody as others are not given the right of choosing but rather life chooses a path for them. When you are born into a poor background, poverty was not a choice you made for yourself. When you try to break the barriers of your disadvantaged background that is a choice you are making for yourself. So do you see the golden difference? Tanzanians along with other African peoples are suffering from the lack of access to basic education whilst wealthy tourists only think of using the country as a holiday destination, snapping up one the many Zanzibar packages on offer, ignorant to the plight of the poor and poverty stricken.
Being born in a dark and fractured room is not your fault. It might also not be the fault of your parents. Circumstances might have shaped the life that your parents lived and you had to be a result of that dark and fractured place. You are not a result of your past; you are a result of your future.
Everyone has the right to decide their fate. Although the opportunities that we are granted aren’t the same, you can always be the best that you want to be and achieve the impossible. Success is not defined by academic and institutionalized education. Wealth is not subject to having a degree. Riches are not defined by being accepted by society.
The level of success starts with realizing that poverty may be where you come from but it is not where you going. It starts with having full belief that you will reach the highest mountains of your dreams and nothing or no one is going to stop you. Once you have that in check, the world will be your playground.
Poverty is not a luxury to others, it is their daily lives. It might not be how they wanted their lives to turn out but that is the unfortunate state of life- we can’t always get what we want. We need to work for what we want and we need to put in as much effort if we want to reach the stars.
Appreciate that job, appreciate that house and appreciate that car. Appreciate the fact that unlike most people, you are one of the few people who was given the chance to shape their future in a way that was pleasing for you. I am not saying worship materialistic things but I am saying that you are better than the person that has to wake up each and every day and go beg at the side of the road.

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