About Cape Schools

Cape Schools is a website that acts as a search engine for all the schools registered in the Western Cape Educational District. It has two primary functions, namely:

1. A visitor can search for a school by typing in the name of the school, or

2. One can search for a school via a number of selections relating to the schools, like:

• Type of School i.e. High, Primary, Independent (Private)

• By suburb

• By Education District i.e. Metro East, Metro North, etc.

• By Coed, Girls or Boys school

The Advanced Search option, i.e. By Hostel Facilities or By Language, will be introduced at the end of February 2013.

Benefits that Cape Schools offers any visitor:

Cape Schools offers its visitors the option of finding a website address of a school, quickly (if that school has a website). If the school has no website, we offer a single web page on Cape Schools listing all the information about a school, succinctly. The website is the first of its kind in the South Africa that offers a school the opportunity of having a mini-website, within a large website.

We have registered the following domains, which will all be linked to Cape Schools, so that in time, a visitor will be able to find any school in South Africa, easily and efficiently.

allfreestateschools.co.za : easterncapeschools.co.za : gautengschools.co.za : limpoposchools.co.za : mpumalangaschools.co.za : natalschools.co.za : northerncapeschools.co.za : northwestschools.co.za