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1. Web4Schools

Welcome to all Educators and Business owners. At this stage you are the new owner of a Web4Schools Website and a Web4Schools Template. To learn how to build your website we have put together a Training Manual to familarise you with how to populate (load information) your website. We show you how to load images (pictures) and content (text), plus introduce you to a whole host of Features and Benefits to assist you in building your school (or Business) a professional website.

2. Cape Schools

Cape Schools is a unique website specifically designed for Western Cape Schools. It is Primarily a SCHOOL SEARCH ENGINE which lists all the WCED schools, with each having their own web page. The web pages of each school contain information about the school like: Contact Details, About the School, Location, Subjects the school offers and the coaching staff. It will also provide a link to the school's website (if they have one). If your school is not listed, by the way of information on Cape Schools, then please go to the Cape Schools page, on this website, and complete the instructions on How to List Your School. It is FREE.

3. Back to Basics Websites

This is our newly updated website about our business and school websites (how to own your own one) GO TO:



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